Trending Fitness Concepts Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Trending Fitness Concepts Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

From indoor climbing gyms to ping-pong clubs and ballet studios, there push never ends for unique “fitness concepts.” We expect this trend to continue well into the future with a variety of exciting new fitness concept trends coming to neighborhoods near you.

Brrrn (107 West 20th Street)

When Brrrn opened in Chelsea last spring, it introduced a literally chill fitness concept in which classes are taught in cool temperatures, ranging between 45 degrees and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The premise of the Brrrn concept is that working out in cooler temperatures is more effective in burning fat and calories. In addition to cardio and weight training classes, there is a cool yoga-inspired movement series. Plus, after working out in one of its chilly classes, there’s a communal infrared sauna for congenial thawing out.

Shock Therapy (153 East 70th Street)

Here’s wake call: Shock Therapy uses Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to create personalized training regimens focused on strength training and cardiovascular exercise. The program uses a proprietary EMS PowerSuit™ to send impulses that concurrently address 300 critical muscle groups in 30-minute workouts. It’s shocking how much can be accomplished in so little time.

F45 Training (Multiple Locations)

With six studios already in high gear in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the rapidly expanding Australian fitness brand has redefined high-intensity workouts by merging three distinct training styles. Amalgamating elements of high-intensity interval training with circuit training and functional training, F45 fuses all three disciplines in 45-minute workout cycles to build strong muscles.

ReCOVER Studio (360 7th Avenue, 4th Floor)

After being frozen, shocked or bent like a pretzel, there’s ReCOVER Studio which supplements our tough workouts with an environment focused on physical, mental and emotional restoration. It offers such wellness services as a “Calm Sleep System” which delivers the equivalent of four hours of restorative slumber in a 30-minute session. Its CVAC chamber changes air pressure in rapid resolutions to improve circulation, boost oxygen-rich blood cells and flush lactic acid. After all, resting the muscles is just as important as stressing them.

Today, there are more fitness choices than ever! With imagination and skill, new generations of entrepreneurial fitness buffs are bringing exciting concepts to keep us healthy and happy. To think, it all started with Jack LaLanne in a unitard.